Echo chambered a round
She shot it into space
With an uber noise, an ultrasound
The message hit before I crossed town
Before I could make my case

With my reason deferred
And my timing of late
My dreams pre-fatigued
Legacies secured
I made good my escape

But escape it was not
Cooperation to hole
And this pigeon was caught
What I get no more what I got
Enemy given control

Faster than the speed of sound
The image looks just like my face
Trapped inside a breeding ground
A mask, a clue of my renown
A million copies, just in case

In an instant, they knew
They saw it in the realest time
They saw it born, they let it die
A bright and shiny star review
Outshone by every other sky

Echo chambered a round
She knew not what she did
But everyone agreed
Repeated the same thing
So long, he's headed out of town
So long, and he'll be back around

© 2023 Mario Rossetti