I pleaded with her not to go
Into the land of make believe
But she was tired of status quo (Do I have yr leave)
The things on which we used to guard
Before when we were so naive
Are now embraced with open arms (Do I have yr leave)

The sirens sing, the sirens warn
The sirens practice to deceive
And when she heard the siren's call (Do I have yr leave)
Advice ignored, a pact was formed
Adam shares a snack with Eve
Immediately, the demons swarmed (Do I have yr leave)

The pair in thrall, the angels fall
But it was hardly time to grieve
For now they get to do it all!

The system fought, the man was damned
Authority is obsolete
And then she let go of my hand
The wandering mind, she caught his eye
They kiss like it was New Year's Eve
And all I heard was sigh and sigh

The heart was followed ultimate
With our discretions indiscreet
Our hope of dedication spent
Our loyalty was in retreat
With roses blooming everywhere
There never was a time to speak
With piety and trust impaired
Temptation tends to supersede
And on and on the blackest swan
I did my best to make it gray
Then let her go 'til she was gone ...

© 2023 Mario Rossetti