Oh the light as I'm headed into town, oh the possibilities
I might behave, I might come back alive, oh possibly
To start again to start it all over, oh to do it differently
To make the same mistakes in brand new ways, oh possibly

= Maybe now they'll let me win
Maybe it'll roll right in =

Oh the lights as I'm headed underground, oh the possibilities
I might come through, I might survive, oh possibly
I'll open everything but I'm no closer, lazy, brilliantly
I've broken all my breaks before today, yes consciously

Why wait until I lose their trust
Let's put the ending right in front
Come on people give it to me
End it like you never knew me

Oh the light when the train is surface-bound
Oh the possibilities
I might be safe, I might not lose my mind, oh possibly!
And would you think I lack composure, sacrificed dignity
Do I hold on or wait, wait to run away?

© 2023 Mario Rossetti